Most companies are backing up their data with traditional forms of backup. Most of these solutions are great for backing up your files and folders, but the criminals are very aware of the limitations of these products and know the leverage this gives them when they attack.

Your backup solution is truly your last line of defense, and the best way to protect your business is to implement an Intelligent Business Continuity Solution. This is due to the fact that the downtime incurred is often significantly more costly than the threat of data loss. These downtime incidents cost the business community hundreds of millions of dollars each year in North America alone.

On this webinar, you will learn:

1. The limitations of traditional backup solutions.

2. Ways in which criminals are taking advantage of these limitations.

3. Defining the differences between traditional backup vs. Business Continuity.

4. How Business Continuity keeps your business up and running regardless of what happens to your system, whether it be a Cyber Attack or a natural disaster.