Distributors face several common, daily pricing challenges impacting their profitability: underpriced insensitive and costly-to-serve items, small customers receiving below-market prices, and an overwhelming volume and complexity of contracts or exclusive price agreements. Fortunately, proven and sustainable remedies exist to address these challenges and recover the 200-400 basis points of margin they typically cost distributors each year. Join SPARXiQ’s Greg Smith in this webinar for an in-depth discussion of these problems, data-driven analysis of these problems, data-driven solutions, and client case studies that will help your company drive profitable growth – all day, every day.


  • How to design and design goals which are consistent with their company’s pricing strategy.
  • How to measure and identify characteristics critical for pricing success.
  • How to analyze the current situation and steps along the way.
  • How to design an improved alternative which moves closer to the desired result.
  • How to verify that actions taken create the right results.
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