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Valued Partnership: Carolina Wholesale Group

Carolina Wholesale Office Machine Company, Inc. (AKA: Carolina Wholesale Group – CWG), is one of the largest office machine and supply distributors in the country, celebrating our 45th year in business. The breadth and depth of the CWG product mix is unsurpassed in the industry, including: fax machines, printers, copiers, calculators, typewriters, dictation/transcribing, telephones, presentation equipment, paper handling, shredders, cash registers, time clocks, and supplies for each. CWG serves all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico, and carries over 10,000 active items representing over 100 manufacturers.

In 1998, CWG engaged NSA to support their SX.e ERP system and complimentary applications. CWG recognized the critical importance of a partner to effectively support the ERP system we rely on both in our everyday business functions, as well as being key to supporting the organization’s growth.

Perhaps no other challenge highlights the value of NSA to CWG than the hardware failure experienced in July of 2011. In that month a powerful tornado swept through the area, resulting in a power outage. The server subsequently lost a controller and hard drive. CWG attempted a restore from an internal tape backup, only to discover the tapes were corrupted, losing 6 months of data, as well as being down for several days.

NSA stepped in and really delivered, immediately freeing up and deploying a team of experts. Over a two-week period, they worked around the clock, through evenings and weekends, to help us rebuild the data. They were able to piece the information together from files, stored reports and extracts from the data warehouse. NSA is always there to have our backs, especially when we need them most.

Over the course of our 20+ years of partnership with NSA, they have stood with us through several upgrades, projects, mergers, and acquisitions. The value of our relationship with NSA is a critical part of our success now, and will continue to be into the future.