Leveraging Infor ION Technology Brings your Business to the Next Level


Are you moving your business to the cloud? With the shift in technology, CSD is a big change from SX.e GUI or even CHUI on-premise. Infor has evolved and so has the technology driving the business processes. In this webinar, you will learn how you and your business can leverage the Infor ION technology stack.

Join us on December 8th for an information packed session on what this means for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • How you can use ION scripting to manipulate data that comes from CSD
  • How you can access data from the Infor DataLake
  • What you need to make an API request and how to do it using a script

Rob Thayer NSAPRESENTER – Rob Thayer, Senior Technical Consultant, NSA


Rob joined the NSA team in 2019.  He has been supporting Infor products since 2006 in a variety of roles.  He was a Technical Consultant for Infor, managed the technical team for Groupe Laurier (later Infor Canada) and worked as a senior technical consultant for Novipro in Montreal.

Rob has worked with Infor’s SX.enterprise Distribution in all versions:

  • Character (Trend)
  • Graphical (SX.e GUI)
  • WebUI on premises and CloudSuite Distribution (CSD)

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Implement and support SX.enterprise and related business applications.
  • CloudSuite Distribution support, provisioning, security, ION (API, workflows, doc flows, mapping, scripting and training.
  • InforOS on premise planning, installation, upgrades and support.
  • Unform installation, configuration, form design, document archive and Image manager.
  • 3rd party application installation, CSD integration and support.
  • Server Migrations, upgrades, new installations.
  • Physical to virtual migrations.
  • Database and System Maintenance.
  • Technical and system administration training.

HOST – Brian Weaver, VP of Sales, NSA


Brian has been with NSA for over 6 years, with 12 years in the distribution business and 25 years with ERP systems. He continues to be amazed at the deep commitment and experience level of NSA team members, everyone always has everybody’s back and each strives to exceed client expectations. It has been an exciting time in the market, especially with many game-changing technologies of SX.e and CSD, including artificial intelligence, Alexa integrations, and automated workflows. These technologies will give NSA clients a competitive edge in their markets. NSA has seen a huge increase in activities with their clients related to security, ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and moving from on-premise to hosted environments.