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Your ERP Pathway to the Future Is Through the Cloud

NSA is committed to the Infor SX.e Cloud Suite Distribution (CSD) in lock step with Infor. Our consultants have been hard at work to learn and are
now executing implementations of CSD, Infor’s most advanced and ground-breaking release in years!

So what is so different, why did Infor and NSA make such a massive commitment, and why should an existing SX.e distributor care?

CSD IS REVOLUTIONARY: Built on the powerful Xi technology stack, which delivers a more responsive design incorporating advanced machine-learning and big data analytics.The Xi tech stack delivers on major user interface improvements built on HTML5, with a personalized look and feel that can be tailored for every user. CSD is not only stronger at its core, but it also delivers powerful extensibility with API’s via ION to processes that formerly were imbedded in custom code, and Ming.le – a comprehensive social collaboration platform.

RELIABLE & SECURE: Keep your valuable data secure, current and reliable. CSD is made available to users through Infor’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give distributors access anywhere, anytime, on your preferred device. In addition, the AWS platform delivers best-practice protocols in application, network, physical and operational security as well as deep monitoring of this highly secured infrastructure – which translates into 99.9% average historical uptime. There have been an average of over 1.9 million attempted and failed attacks quarterly, far greater reliability, uptime, and security than most distributors can deliver on their own.

BE NIMBLE: CSD is far more flexible and nimble, ready to quickly accommodate any changes in a distributor’s business. If you are planning a major expansion, acquisition, new product line, or other expected or unanticipated moves that might impact your compute power or processing requirements, CSD has the ability to quickly adapt as needed. Beat your competition on speed to market.

REDUCE TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO): Since data is no longer stored on-site, say goodbye to: expensive servers and hardware, managing firewalls and endpoint security, dealing with expensive outages. Operate lean and redirect the valuable personnel resources that were responsible for your on-premise infrastructure to strategic, value-add initiatives.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SPEED TO VALUE: With pre-configured, flexible, business processes/templates/tools/simulations, you can deploy or upgrade with minimal upfront investment – in weeks or months, not years!

Engage NSA and let us take you on a journey to modernize your systems, making you more nimble, competitive, and ready for any challenges the future might hold. We will travel with you on your Pathway to the Future… through the cloud.