Ransomware: Is your data at risk?

NSA’s service for total data protection solutions for distribution businesses, announced enterprise-class ransomware protection for enterprise and small to mid-sized businesses, is now available. Built into NSA’s suite of services offerings, NSA’s ransomware protection and recovery automatically detects and identifies attacks, notifying administrators to immediately rollback to healthy data. The solution shortens downtime, saves money and reduces the impact to businesses, giving companies an effective and reliable alternative to paying hackers’ ransoms.

Recent research revealed that ransomware is fast becoming a ubiquitous security threat, with nearly 40% of all businesses experiencing an attack in the past year.

IT service providers report that 91% of those surveyed have seen clients victimized by ransomware. As malware advances in sophistication, the ability to rapidly identify an attack and quickly recover means a business is back up and running in minutes as opposed to days. NSA leverages our vendors’ expertise in applying its customers’ successes in rolling data back to pre-malware snapshots and developed a new arsenal against malicious encryption, which is now incorporated into NSA’s file Sync & Share offering, as well as ransomware detection within its flagship SIRIS appliances. Product enhancements support the company’s commitment to ensure business data is secure and accessible, no matter where it lives.

Ransomware is a major concern to our distribution customers. While most are deploying robust anti-virus technologies and some are also educating their teams to look out for suspicious emails, the sheer scale and pace of the phenomenon leaves most of our distribution market vulnerable. We have found that the rollback approach is the only way that NSA clients can truly effectively recover data and restore to pre-ransomware status.

With NSA’s new ransomware technology, we now offer peace of mind through a service where we can accurately detect an attack before the hackers demand any money.

With NSA’s new ransomware detection feature, available on our SIRIS appliance devices, you can easily identify a ransomware attack and roll systems back to a point in time before the attack hit. Ransomware, like most illicit software, leaves an identifiable footprint as it takes over a server, PC or laptop. NSA’s devices, combined with simultaneous cloud image replication, provides optimal protection. Recovery is then simply a matter of restoring from a previous backup.

A recent survey found that a staggering 35% of businesses encountered ransomware in the cloud, leaving cloudbased file-sync-and-share systems just as vulnerable as local systems. With the automatic ransomware detection and recovery throughout the NSA SIRIS products, we’re giving data control back to customers and empowering them to save the day – the way it should be.


Contact NSA today because ensuring your company’s defense against ransomware can’t wait!

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Why Ransomware is Blowing Your Budget

Ransomware is changing quicker than the authorities can keep up, and if you don’t have a plan of attack, you might be the next victim – if you aren’t already. Ransomware is on the rise, and the costs to combat it continues to squeeze the life out of your company. Ransomware is blowing your company’s budget, and there are reasons why your current IT strategy won’t protect you.

Ransomware in the News

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that does exactly as the name suggests – demand a ransom for access. Many people associate ransomware with their computer systems, but recently, Geek.com reported that criminals are hacking smart TVs and smartphones. Once the thieves are in, they lock up the screen and demand payment for access.


Plain and simple – ransomware is extortion. The real question is how much are you willing to pay criminals to access your files? For large businesses, small to medium-sized companies, and distribution warehouses, paying to access the data is critical because it is the lifeblood of the company. According to a CNBC report, ransomware cost users at least $200 million between January and March 2016. The bigger your company is, the bigger the payday for criminals.

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

There are a few things you need to understand about ransomware to protect yourself from the threat. Ransomware first made its disastrous debut in 2013, with the Cryptolocker threat. Cryptolocker was a threat that hid in phishing emails. Once the user clicked a link or opened an attachment, the virus would download onto the computer.


Similar threats make their way into personal and business computers that same way – phishing emails. Shady websites are also dangerous culprits, especially if a user tries to download a game, app, or file from the site. It is best to stick to app stores and play stores, to prevent that kind of attack.


Now that you see how easy it is for users to invite ransomware attacks in, you need to take steps to combat it. Your company could be one phishy email away from a devastating and expensive data hijacking.

Combating Ransomware

Companies and individual can take steps to resist ransomware, but they cannot combat the threat alone. And what happens if your company does face extortion, what steps should you take? If you don’t have the proper tools and know-how to prevent and address ransomware, you will continue to bleed your company’s IT budget on unnecessary services that are ineffective and ill designed to address ransomware. Not to mention the money you will likely fork over to either gain access to the data, replace the systems, or replace the data.


NSA has a thorough plan of attack to monitor for ransomware, to train employees to avoid dangerous security threats, and to protect your company’s data. NSA’s solutions work with your existing IT solution to expand your security, not replace it entirely. NSA specializes in proactive solutions and methodological action to save your company money and time. NSA professionals complete a needs assessment and provide you with budget-friendly solutions that are efficient and compliant to protect your company – contact us today for more information.

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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Proactive IT Support

Think of your business and the IT infrastructure required to operate it as a living, breathing organism that requires regular health checks just as people do. Would you rather wait for something to go horribly wrong with the health of your company before having a dedicated expert come fix the problem for you, or would you prefer to do routine wellness checks and focus on preventative maintenance?

That’s the true difference between a proactive IT support model of service for your company’s IT needs, and a reactive one where your company only gets the necessary attention from professionals AFTER concerns or major issues occur. The successful operation of your business requires a healthy IT infrastructure and network. If you are not having the effort put in to routinely, and regularly, ensure the overall health and wellness of your IT network, you risk losing critical business applications, customer and financial data, in addition to the reputation and trust you have built up with your customers.

Reactive IT Support (The Break/Fix Model)

Here is a play-by-play of how things occur with a reactive IT support model. An IT issue is detected, so you contact your IT solution provider with a description of what is going on. Unless you are experiencing critical downtime, your IT provider will attempt to resolve your issue remotely. If remote support does not resolve your issue(s), then they will send someone on-site and attempt to resolve it in person.

You might be thinking – “what’s so bad about that?” and I’ll tell you.

Leading up to the issue you contacted your IT support provider about, you or someone on your staff experienced some minor issues related to basic maintenance such as updates and security patches. Because your company was not utilizing a proactive IT support service with a qualified and capable IT service provider, those updates and patches were never installed. Those updates and patches were critical and without them your entire network and IT system is compromised. Your IT support person on site tells you that because of the intrusion you experienced your internal network became corrupted and your most recent backup took place nearly two quarters ago.

The 12 hours of downtime your business just experienced because of a basic update and patch not being installed just cost your organization upwards of $300,000. Let that sink in.

Proactive IT Support

Avoiding IT issues is a costly mistake that too many businesses still make today. Implementing a proactive IT support service model with your IT service provider organization wide will help your company stay ahead of potential problems. This is possible because of automated programs, which are typically proprietary in nature for each IT service provider, that constantly monitor your entire IT network searching for potential issues.

Every single time a potential issue or error is discovered, a team of dedicated IT professionals is alerted and proactively works to resolve all of those minor issues or potential issues before they lead to bigger problems like a network intrusion that costs your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Proactive IT Support Helps Your Business:

  • Effective decision making
  • Budgeting and planning
  • IT Support cost savings
  • Disaster recovery
  • The bottom line
  • And more…

If you believe in keeping your business operations running smoothly and with minimal risk of catastrophic failure or data loss, speaking to an experienced IT professional will help you determine if a proactive IT support model is right for your company and how best to implement it.

Contact NSA today and find out if your organization is a good candidate for proactive IT support.